Systatic is no longer in active development. Only bug fixes and security fixes will be released from now on.


Last updated on Nov 1, 2019.

System Requirements

Systatic needs at least PHP 7 and Composer on your machine.

Suggested Dev Environments

Laravel Valet (Mac only)

Laravel Valet is our favourite dev environment for Mac. It's so much simpler than using a virtual environment, like Homestead. It just maps all subdirectories in a folder you specify to .test domains. Technically, Valet is Mac only, but there are Windows and Linux ports, which seem to work alright in our experience.

If you're using Valet, you'll want to push our custom Valet driver which will make sure everything works smoothly. You'll be prompted to do this during install.

XAMPP (Windows)

XAMPP is a local web server package for Windows (There may also be a version for Mac too). It'll install Apache, PHP for you. Once installed, you'll still need to install Composer.

Laravel Homestead

If you like using a virtual machine for your development, that's also an option. It's basically a Vagrant box. Homestead comes with everything installed, Composer, PHP, Nginx/Apache (can't remember)

Command Line Server

If you don't want to install anything other than PHP and Composer on your machine, you can spin up a local PHP development server with one command.

php systatic serve

It will use PHP's native web server and will direct it to serve the files from the right place.

Actual Install Steps

1. Create a new directory

mkdir dog-food-blog && cd dog-food-blog

2. Install Systatic

composer require damcclean/systatic

3. Initialise Systatic

php vendor/damcclean/systatic/init init

4. Build the site

php systatic build