Systatic is no longer in active development. Only bug fixes and security fixes will be released from now on.


Last updated on Nov 1, 2019.

All content (that is not remote) is in Markdown files. We'll detect any .md or .markdown files in two levels of your collection's location.

In Markdown files, we allow you to add a front matter to the top of it. Front matter is basically YAML in a Markdown file separated with three dashes above and below the YAML.

For example, this is what a Markdown file might look like when it has a front matter.

title: My Holiday to London
author: Jim
I recently went to London in the UK and I loved it. Let me tell you all about it.

Using the front matter you can specify things like views, slugs and other things.


view: post

The view front matter attribute will change the view for the page to the post.blade.php view, if of course it exists.


slug: London-holiday

The slug front matter attribute will set the page's slug to whatever you set it to.


filetype: xml

The filetype front matter attribute will change the filetype of the outputted file.

This might be useful if you want to output RSS feeds or sitemaps.