Systatic is no longer in active development. Only bug fixes and security fixes will be released from now on.

The Laravel Static Site Generator

Systatic is built on components taken from the popular Laravel framework.

Other static site generators are not really that flexible

Have you tried making a marketing site in Jekyll? No? Well, don't do it! You'll need to move to something else. It's not made for marketing sites, it's made for personal blogs. Most of the static site generators out there are not made for anything other than blogging.

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Does your Static Site Generator let you use a CMS?

We all know you can use Netlify CMS or Forestry but they're just editing Markdown files, not really a traditional CMS. Systatic allows you to pull in data from remote locations, like a WordPress site or a Github repo. You write the code to fetch it and we'll make it simple for you to use it.

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Is migrating not a hastle though?

Usually when migrating to a new system, it's a lot of hastle, export it to XML, then convert it to JSON and import using some confusing CLI tool. We've simplified things when migrating from some common platforms. Just enter your Site URL and anything else we need and your entire site has been migrated into Systatic.

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See Systatic in action!

This site is of course powered by Systatic which means you can pull it down and play around with it to see how things work.

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